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Rivulis FLF Foggers: Improve your greenhouse environment
for your plants to thrive
Use foggers to reduce the air temperature and/or to increase the air humidity
FLF delivers a fine mist with an average droplet size of 70 microns
Available in single, two and four outlet configurations

Operating pressure range 3.5 - 5.0 bar
Pressure (for flow rate calculation) 3.5 bar
Sealing pressure 1.4 bar
Filtration requirement 100 micron / 150 mesh

Recommended installation
FLF with anti-leak valve, microtube, stabilizing weight
Anti-leak valves
Use FLF with a Rivulis anti-leak H (high pressure) mini valve to
prevent drainage at shut off. Remember to install the anti-leak
valve in the direction indicated by the arrow on the valve.


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