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Ag, Residential & Commercial Irrigation

Controllers, Sprinklers,

Valves, Smart irrigation products.

PVC pipe & fittings.

Pumps, Filters.

loppers, pruners.



Pex A & Pex B tubing & fittings

ABS pipe & fittings

DWV Sch.40 fittings

Copper pipe & fittings

CPVC pipe & fittings

Irrigation system design

Ag, residential & commercial irrigation design

Sewer & Drain

Sewer pipe & fittings

Drain pipe & fittings

Grinder, effluent & sump pumps

Grinder & effluent packages

HDPE Septic & water storage tanks


D.I Valves * D.I MJ Fittings * Brass*Stainless Steel & Copper fittings * PVC C-900 * Ductile Iron pipe * Drainage & Erosion control supplies * Galvanized pipe * fittings & nipples * Black iron pipe fittings & nipples * HDPE Culvert pipe & fittings * Steel culvert & fittings

Outdoor Living

Pond pumps & pond supplies

Landscape lighting

Masonry supplies


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Since 2018

 Onsite Delivery and Support

Onsite Supply House LLC. Founded in July 2018. Is a family owned and operated distributor of Irrigation & landscape, waterworks, pluming, erosion control, wastewater system, water and sewer pumps and drainage supplies in the Columbia Gorge region.

We offer THE BEST customer service, the largest inventory with over 8000 sku's, the most competitive price and most of all the knowledge and experience behind our team.

Our inventory ranges from PVC sch.40, sch 80, C-900 DR18, sewer pipe SDR35 3034, Ductile Iron pipe Cl.52, Uponor tubing, Pex A, Pex B, wirsbo, Aluminum pipe, stainless steel, brass, and many more items.


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