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PRO EX 2.0 Wi-Fi Enabled Modular Irrigation Controller

PRO EX 2.0 Wi-Fi Enabled Modular Irrigation Controller

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Take control anywhere, anytime. This professional grade Wi-Fi Enabled Modular Irrigation Controller delivers high quality performance and the convenience of access through a smartphone, tablet or web browser. Easily and securely sync with homeowners’ or business’ Wi-Fi.

It's the automatic choice.  The modular design of the PRO EX 2.0 makes it suitable for landscapes of various sizes, including small, midsize, and larger areas. With expandability up to 28 stations, you have the flexibility to operate 4, 8, 12, 14, 16, 18, 22, or 28 zones by incorporating 4 and 14 station expansion modules.

You’re in command.  The PRO EX 2.0 Wi-Fi Enabled Modular Controller is a uniquely configured product, as this one controller can be used in 3 different manners — use it as a full-on Wi-Fi controller, a strictly conventional controller or a remote-controlled controller.

Features & Benefits

  • Wi-Fi enabled –Syncs with Wi-Fi to allow functionality through a smartphone, tablet or web browser. Remote access and alerts. Optional proprietary Wi-Fi booster.
  • Weather IQ™ – Uses local weather conditions to bypass irrigation schedule in wet conditions
  • Patented Full Program Display – One screen shows watering days, number of start times, number of stations and special programming
  • Flow Sensor Ready– Connects directly. Has high/low flow abort settings and provides flow data capture
  • Rain sensor and rain/freeze sensor ready – Allows automated operation to be controlled by sensor
  • Wireless Module Connector – Allows for optional installation of wireless communication
  • Diagnostic Circuit Breaker – Identifies and isolates stations with valve or wiring problems (shorts, faults, valve location) while the remaining program continues
  • Advanced Diagnostic – Visual and/or audible alerts when programming errors or other conditions have been detected and are preventing operation


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