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Print Munro MXS 5" Multistage Bottom Suction Submersible Pumps

Print Munro MXS 5" Multistage Bottom Suction Submersible Pumps

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Water Harvesting Sprinkler Pump

Our easy-to-install, high-head multistage submersible pump is designed for turf irrigation service, high head dewatering applications, and high pressure, low gallonage water feature projects that require high head and low flow (i.e., fountains).

  • Stainless steel components outside and inside – non-corrosive, built to industrial specifications
  • Self-cooling, quiet operation – the pumped liquid cools the motor for long life
  • Easy installation – no control box required to start the pump

Recommended for: irrigation, shallow wells, rain collection tanks, grey water
Other uses: dewatering, fountains, pressure boosting domestic water


Non-corrosive – All hydraulic parts, including impellers and hydraulic bowl chambers, are made from high-grade stainless steel.

Superior “Draw-Down” Capability – With the lowest draw down in its class, our 4 1/2” capability dwarfs the competition.

Reduced Amp Draw – Offering over 25% less energy consumption reduces operating costs and extends the service life.

Cooler and Quieter Operation – Using the pumped liquid to cool the motor, the water passing over the motor dampens the noise. No need for expensive “flow-inducer sleeves” required on other pumps.

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