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P1 5/8" 15mil DRIP TAPE

P1 5/8" 15mil DRIP TAPE

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Premium Light Dripline with Seamless Construction Ideal for Row Crops
Manufactured with Engineering Grade Polyethylene Resins for High Strength
Injection Molded Flat Drippers Offer a High Degree of Plug Resistance
Highly Uniform Water Distribution with a Cv of <2.5%
Integrated Inlet Filter for Additional Plugging Protection
Outlet Flap Reduces Soil Ingestion and Root Intrusion in Subsurface Applications

• Two ocher colored stripes identify the dripline side with the exit holes ensuring correct installation.
• Target markets include row crop (surface and subsurface), open field and greenhouse.
• Available in a wide range of wall thicknesses and flow rates which are ideal for multi-seasonal
and permanent use.
• Excellent uniformity combined with low flow rates and large diameters allows very long laterals.
• The integrated inlet filter provides plugging protection and its position, facing the center of the
tubing, allows water inflow in the labyrinth away from stagnation areas.
• Flap design makes it suitable for subsurface installations - opens under pressure allowing water
flow and closes on shut down to reduce soil ingestion and root intrusion.
• UV resistant and resistant to common fertilizers.
• Recommended filtration: 150 Mesh for .13 GPH and .17 GPH
120 Mesh for .25 GPH, .33 GPH and .46 GPH


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