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K-Rain Rotary Nozzle Family

K-Rain Rotary Nozzle Family

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You asked for it, we delivered. Get amazing arc accuracy and increased range coverage with the new line up of the K-Rain® Rotary Nozzle Series. We’ve replaced the 90°-270° nozzles with the tight edges of 90°-210° and 210°-270°. And the radius changes…they’re making heads turn. Twelve nozzles in all make up the expanded line: 90°-210°, 210°-270°, fixed 360° and specialty nozzles.

Technical Specifications

  • New 90°-210° and 210°-270° arc ranges - for arc accuracy 
  • Increased radius ranges - 8’-15’, 16’–20’, 20’-28’ for better coverage 
  • Larger droplets - for reduced wind shear and waste 
  • Arc set indicators - make wet or dry adjustment quick and easy 
  • Superior uniformity – delivers water evenly, gradually and consistently, allowing soil penetration without waste or run-off 
  • No tools required – Hand adjustable for quick arc set and flow adjustment 
  • Double pop design – The best defense against dirt intrusion 
  • Low precipitation rate – Reduces water use up to 30% without sacrificing turf quality 
  • Color coded – Allows for easy identification during installation 
  • Compatible – Fits any male-threaded spray riser 


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