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K-Rain Pro-S Spray Bodies

K-Rain Pro-S Spray Bodies

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Pro-S™ Sprays

The result of precision engineering and extensive field testing by contractors around the world, the Pro-S™ is designed to provide long life and outstanding performance. Distinguished by their robust construction, co-molded wiper seal, and heavy-duty retraction spring, Pro-S™ pop-up sprays are built for reliability and durability. The co-molded wiper seal ensures proper operation time after time with minimal flow by. The retraction spring is the strongest in the industry. That means successful pop-ups you can count on time after time.

Known as the hardest-working spray in the irrigation business, Pro-S™ Sprays have the industry’s highest max pressure rating – up to 110 PSI. That’s because they are engineered to withstand and perform in high pressure situations.

Sustainability is in our DNA and it shows in the options available. Pro-S Sprays with Stop Flow™ help to prevent water waste. Studies show that one spray without a nozzle can waste up 360 gallons in 15 minutes. The optional Stop Flow™ stops the flow of water should the nozzle get damaged or removed. Water flow returns when a new Pro-S Spray nozzle with filter basket is inserted. Choose the nozzle guard option and protect the nozzle from mowers, edger and foot traffic. And you can grow a green lawn while you save water, eliminate misting and low head drainage with Pro-S™ Spray pressure regulated models with check valves. All 4”, 6” and 12” pressure regulated models are EPA WaterSense certified. WaterSense labeled products meet the Environmental Protection Agency specification for water efficiency and performance. Those standards are tested and verified by independent third parties.

Like all K-Rain products, Pro-S Sprays work seamlessly with other brands. In fact, the spray assembly fits right into the competitor’s 1800 Series spray body. And Pro-S Sprays accept all standard female-threaded nozzles.

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