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K-Rain BLUE Bluetooth Battery Operated Timers

K-Rain BLUE Bluetooth Battery Operated Timers

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Bluetooth battery powered controller.

Enabled with wireless Bluetooth technology and managed from a smartphone, tablet or computer, the K-Rain BLUE Bluetooth battery powered controller is perfect for installation in medians, roundabouts and other areas where AC power is unavailable.

Technical Specifications

  • Ideal for areas where AC power is unavailable
  • Change controller settings via smartphone, tablet or web browser 
  • Manage hundreds of controllers from one easy app 
  • Geo-location feature – see every site, every controller, every program 
  • CrewView™ feature allows program visibility anywhere 
  • Alerts you when battery replacement is required 
  • Rain sensor and rain/freeze sensor ready – Allows automated operation to be controlled by sensor 
  • IP68 certified fully waterproof enclosure installed right in the valve box 
  • 1, 2 and 4 station models. 
  • Molded out of UV resistant, high impact ABS resin 
  • Ideal for isolated/remote valve boxes where running power is expensive or difficult 
  • Standalone – works with 9V DC alkaline battery type. 
  • Full virtual back up – back up program information & preferences to the cloud for easy future restoration 
  • Seasonal adjust 
  • Manually start, stop or suspend your controller(s) from up to 35' away 
  • Add a passcode lock to each controller for added security 


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