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K-Rain 6000 Series Indexing Valve

K-Rain 6000 Series Indexing Valve

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Tough as they come, K-Rain 6000 Series indexing valves are rugged, capable and exceptionally reliable even under the dirtiest water conditions.

With a metal die-cast body, the 6000 valves are capable of high-pressure applications and are recommended to be used on pump fed systems or high-flow city water systems. The 6000 is also ideal for onsite wastewater and effluent water applications.

The 6000 valve is available in 4 or 6 outlet models that are cammed for 2 to 6 zone operation. With only one moving part (the stem and disc assembly), the valve is easily serviced and maintained. Also known as Hydrotek valves in some areas.

Features & Benefits

  • Metal Die-Cast Body – Durable, long lasting and capable of high-pressure applications
  • Available in 4 and 6 Outlet Models – Can quickly and easily change from two to six watering zones
  • Simplicity of Design – Valves are easily maintained and serviced for long product life
  • Operates at minimum 15 GPM (57 LPM) at Pressures of 25–150 PSI (1,7-10,3 bar) – Ideal for pump-fed systems or high-flow city water systems
  • Built-in Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker – Releases any vacuum created between the pump and the valve on shut down
  • 7 Year Limited Warranty
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